US exports are at record levels, representing 14% of the nation's GDP - highest in US history.  Exports remain a driving force in America's economic growth and competitive resurgence.  Firms engaged in exporting are up to 40% more profitable than those that don't. 


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Established in 1996, Foreign Targets, Inc. (FTI) is an export management company creating and managing proactive export programs for small and medium sized US firms.  This is achieved by utilizing a proven methodology:  FTI’s Core-8 Steps to Export Management. 

A complete range of export management services is available including export market identification, export-ready assessments, foreign buyer and sales agent / distributor identification and complete outsourcing of your exporting needs.

The competitive advantage FTI offers clients is efficient and effective export market penetration without the added expense of fixed overhead and lengthy learning curves associated with permanent staffing.


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