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PFM11C Series Roll Force Magneto-Elastic Load Cell

Since 1986, Tech Weigh has engineered and manufactured Weighing, Roll Force Measurement and Strip Tension systems for the steel industry, aluminum plants and paper mills throughout the United States and, since 2001, internationally. 

point where the grapple or magnet is attached. The scrap is then weighed in motion as it is loaded into a railroad car, truck or bucket. Appropriate from basic weighing to advanced blending applications, the ScrapMaster delivers customized software to meet the customer's specific needs at a fraction of the cost of traditional weigh systems.  Operating at prominent speed to decrease load time, the ScrapMaster performs with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy.  Scrapyards and steel mills worldwide may experience the increased efficiency and decreased operator cost of the ScrapMaster.


Among our key products for export is our load cells - both new and refurbished of all types, makes and models.  A core competency, Tech Weigh has the unique ability to manufacture and repair both Magneto-Elastic and Strain Gauge type load cells.

Load Cell Competitive Advantages:

  • Price:  Load cells are priced up to 25% lower tha  n market leader ABB, with repair costs up to 50% lower.
  • Quality:  Tech Weigh's ISO 9001and 17025 certification and calibration-traceable NIST documentation affords the company an impressive status on quality control unmatched by ABB.
  • Lead Time:  up to 1/3rd that of other firms.
  • Size of Company:  Tech Weigh's size relative to other large market leaders allows for rapid response to customer demands.
  • Design:  Repairs to OEM Specifications, load capabilities up to 10 million lbs


Technical Weighing Services, Inc.

Tech Weigh contracted FTI in 2001 to manage and expand its foreign reach utilizing our Core 8-Steps to Export Management & Development, resulting in sales to steel mills in Australia, Mexico, the EU and beyond.  Tech Weigh recognizes that global demand for quality infrastructure in foreign developing economies is growing faster than it is in the United States.

Headquartered in Griffith, Indiana, the heart of America’s steel industry, Tech Weigh has manufacturing facilities in northwest Indiana and in Huntsville, Alabama.  The facilities provide manufacturing of all components from load cells and scale structures to complete integrated systems that are all mill-duty.   

In addition to TechWeigh's customer service, the firm can accredit much of its success to its pricing structure, favorable lead time and attention to detail and unique customer demands. 


Truly the first on board, crane weigh system to weigh accurately in-motion, the U.S. patented ScrapMaster employs a simplified construction and intuitive features to create a system that is easy to operate and greatly reduces the number of components to maintain. The entire systems consists of only one load cell, which replaces the existing yoke at the

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