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Trinetics - A Division of Hubbell Power Systems

Beginning in late 2004, Trinetics contracted with FTI to promote, develop and maintain its export business for those products focused on power factor correction (PFC).  PFC is as critical for the foreign utility industry as it is within the US, especially considering the increased cost of electricity and the rapid growth of manufacturing, housing and infrastructure build-out occurring in much of the developing countries.  Since 2005, Trinetics'exports have more than tripled with its product offering now reaching all continents, all accomplished while maintaining the integrity of the firm’s export compliance program.  

Product Offering

While the complete product offering includes Lighting Control Relays, Primary Metering Products along with Sectionalizing & Pad Mount Enclosures and all available for export, those components and systems offered below represent that segment specifically geared toward power factor correction so critical to a growing global economy ….an economy increasingly dependent  on efficient electric power distribution.

Capacitor Banks

Trinetics' medium voltage pole- or pad-mounted capacitor banks are reliable and proven over time. Along with offering low voltage capacitor banks, Trinetics offers SmartBank products from 2.5kVAR-240V to 3600kVAR-34.5kV. Trinetics SmartBanks feature carefully engineered products, as well as quality components and assemblies, delivered ready for installation at competitive prices. Trust Trinetics as your reliable source for your low and medium voltage power factor correction components and banks.

        Medium Voltage Smartbank™ Pole                                 Medium Voltage SmartBank™ Pad

Capacitor Switches

Trinetics has a long tradition of providing robust, reliable switches for distribution applications.  The product mix includes a broad line of durable capacitor switches, high accuracy synchronous capacitor switches, as well as robust high performance loadbreak switches and reclosers ready "off the shelf" for independant and self-healing automation applications.

Capacitor Switches Trinetics provides a broad line of capacitor switches ranging from economical oil switches and long-life vacuum under oil switches, to maintenance-free vacuum in solid dielectric switches including synchronous close and zero voltage close capacitor switches. Durability, superior ratings, and best-in-class performance are just a few of the benefits of these capacitor switches

              Trinetics Capacitor Switches                                  Trinetics SmartClose (Synchronous) Capacitor Switch

Hubbell Power Systems' Switching Business Unit, of which Trinetics is a part, is responsible for other quality power distribution products including cutouts, fuselinks, reclosers and sectionalizers. 

Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) also manufactures a wide variety of transmission, distribution, substation, OEM and telecommunications products used by utilities. In addition, HPS products are used in the civil construction, transportation, gas and water industries. Products include construction and switching products, tools, insulators, arresters, pole line hardware, cable accessories, test equipment, transformer bushings and polymer precast enclosures and equipment pads.

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